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  Hector                                 was originally a Portsmouth rock band called Time Dynasty

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                                    Phil Brown Vocals

    Alan Gordon    Drums    Home page Link               email me

                                    Pete Brown  later Sid Twynham    Guitar

               Nigel Shannon    Bass






Hector image was created by Nigel Shannon .

First single "Wired up" released on the DJM Record label who's stars included Elton John.

Never really quite made it in the charts despite all the music press radio and tv appearances probably due to the fact that at the time it just needed to be taken up seriously by the most popular radio station of the day, although the Christmas time release was not favourable, a great piece of glam rock from a band that gave its all on stage that should have gone to the top.







Lead guitarist Peter Brown was replaced by Ian Twynham aka (bags) (sid twynham now with mud and sweet) Hector continued to gig extensively and toured as backup to shawadywady through 1974 as well as tours to Scandinavia and UK.

They changed stage outfits to a velvet look with their second single release "Bye Bye Bad Days"  1974 another great stomping song that should really have made it big time, but lacked the push from their record company who had been very busy trying to keep Elton John on their books, another strange snub from national radio failed to get this great piece of glam rock to the public domain although it was successful in other areas of the planet.

Hector continued to tour extensively and recorded their 3rd single "Demolition". what happened next remains a mystery to even the band, they had switched management agents from long time "Stage one" in Portsmouth to the big time DJM artists Agency, this I believe was the downfall of Hector, the work stopped coming in due to the poor efforts of DJM but the boys continued on, as in all walks of life you need to work to survive, members of the band simply found other directions of interest, "Demolition" sadly was never released.


                   Phil browns stag night in the studio recording demolition 1975


Autumn 1975 really saw the end of the original Hector when front man Phil Brown had decided to leave, things had changed for good, Hector did one last tour of Scandinavia with a new front man, but they never really achieved the magic and energy of "Wired Up" & "Bye Bye Bad Days" the last gig was a farewell performance at the Tricorn Club Portsmouth, a venue loved by the boys in their heyday.

 So Hector as it was simply faded away in 1976 with the rise of the punk era       the last hector June 1976

The spirit of Hector still remains you never know what is round the corner

Of late there has been a considerable rise in the airplay of Hector  on radio in many countries across the planet including BBC 6

I have as yet not been challenged to get the socks and platforms out, but hey i live in hope.

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Alan Gordon   founder member and drummer

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